Pierpaolo Filomeno

Pierpaolo Filomeno

Métier : Monteur image, Assistant monteur

Ville : 1060 Bruxelles

Pays : Belgique

GSM : +32 484 02 93 82

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Pierpaolo Filomeno was born in 1990 in Puglia.
He’s graduated in Foreign Languages at Università degli Studi di Perugia, with a degree thesis about interactive documentary.
He worked as editor of commercials and music clips for the production company Crunk, in Paris between 2012 and 2013.
In 2016 he graduated at ZeLIG - School for films, editing the award winning documentary “Vergot”, selected at Festival dei Popoli in Firenze, Thessaloniki Docs, Docs[MX] in Mexico City and many others.
Since 2014 he has worked as film editor or assistant film editor on more then 10 movies, with directors Roberto Minervini, Costanza Quatriglio, Dorothée Van Den Berghe, Cecilia Bozza Wolf, and many others.
Since 2015 he works in partnership with Marie-Hélène Dozo as assistant film editor or co-editor on feature and documentary films, including “What You Gonna Do When The World Is On Fire?” by Roberto Minervini, premiered at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia 2018.
In 2017 he was awarded as Best Editor of the year by the Italian Academy of Documentary (Doc/it Awards), for the editing of the film ”Vergot"





2018 No Kings, documentary 77 min, Emilia Mello
film editor

2018 What You Gonna Do When The World’s on Fire?, documentary 116 min, Roberto Minervini
assistant film editor (chief: Marie-Hélene Dozo)

2017 Rosie & Moussa, feature 80 min, Dorothée Van Den Berghe
assistant film editor (chief: Marie-Hélene Dozo)

2017 Sembra Mio Figlio, feature 95 min, Costanza Quatriglio
assistant film editor (chief: Marie-Hélene Dozo)

2016 Vergot, documentary 60min, Cecilia Bozza Wolf
film editor

2016 Wrong Elements, documentary 133min, Jonathan Littell
assistant film editor (chief: Marie-Hélene Dozo)

2015 Aquamazonida, documentary 39min, Joao Leite
sound editor

2015 Metalmorphosis, documentary 29min, Cecilia Bozza Wolf and Michela Tomasi
film editor

2014 Liturgica, documentary 17min, Pierpaolo Filomeno

2014 Iron, short 8min, Nika Šaravanja
film editor