Manu Riche

Manu Riche

Métier : Réalisateur

Pays : Belgique

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Problemski Hotel

Problemski Hotel


For the magazine Strip Tease RTBF.

Conversations: 1989 – 13’ 16 mm. Two ladie in a Brussels café, the first takes the tram 26, the other the 81...

La pêche: 1990 – 13’in 16 mm. The story of a showroom and the car seller who dreams of fishing salmon in Scotland…

Les aventures de la famille De Becker: 1991 – 15’ in 16 mm. The story of a Brussels corridor wherein lives a ‘happy family’...

Etat fort civil: 1992 – 15’in 16 mm. The story of the civil servants in the city administration of Brussels.


The Flemish cultural landscape in seven episodes: (RTBF) 1992 – 52’ in 16 mm. The landscape trough portraits of Flemisch artists Wim Vandekeybus, Frie Leysen, Paul Goosens, Paul Bottelberghs, Freddy…

Anvers93: (RTBF/FR3/WDR) 1993 – 40’ in 16 mm. A cultural city ?

De Misantroop: (KVS/VRT) 1994 – 52 ‘in Beta digi. A television essay

Brussels 25 Novembre: 1996 (VRT) – 52’ super 8/betacam. Thes tory of a faits divers.

The Black Star: (NPS/VRT/RTBF/Vlaams filmfonds) 1998 – 52’ super 16.  The story of a Nigerian football player in Belgium.

Welcome to my world: 2000 (VPRO/RTBF/Vlaams filmfonds) – 80’ in super 16.  The story of a king–coach of a small cycling team.

Baudouin I/ Boudewijn I: 2001 (FR3/RTBF) – 52’ in Beta Digi.
The story of King Baudouin as told by himself.

L’Homme qui n’était pas Maigret: 2002/3 (France2-TSR-RTBF) – 50’ in betadigi/16mm. The invention of the author G.Simenon.

The Politician: 2005 Canvas/ VAF ,52’ in HD: The rise and fall of the sociaist leader in Flanders.

The President: 2005 Canvas/VAF, 52’  in HD: A portrait of the president of footballclub Brussels.

The Salesman: 2006 Canvas/ VAF  in HD: A portrait of a big boss in Antwerp ports business.

Ghislain Libart, Bûcheron: 52’: in HD (VAF, VRTcanvas, Comm.française, Simple Production)

Paul Dujardin, the long march: 76’ en 56’ in HD (VAF, RTBF, ARTE Belgique, VRT canvas)

Portrait of a young man as an artist: (VAF/Riche/filmnatie) in co-direction with Renaat Lambeets (camera)
a portrait of Tom Barman, frontman of the popular band Deus.

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