Casting for Film Students Short Movie

Bénévolat — Demande — 07/11/2018

Hello everyone, I am a film student from the Sae Film school of Brussels and I am looking for two actors that can cover the main roles of a short movie (it is going to be shot on 14th, 15th and 16th of December).
Stage age required: 18/25 years old.
I am looking for both a male and a female actor, please for more info about the project or the casting day contact me at the following email: (if interested in casting please send a portrait picture of yourself).
The project doesn't have any kind of dialogs so it is going to be a very physical performance.
Thanks for the attention, Luca Salvi

Date de fin 21/11/2018

Annonceur Luca Salvi

Téléphone 3270655991