seeking an all-round scientific PA/journalistfor an int scientist in preparation for docs

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seeking an all-round scientific PA/journalist for an int scientist in preparation for docs.  You must be willing to travel andhave some background and or interest in science in order to be able to organizeall the research papers of the scientist and also help with creating the contentfor some websites and the documentaries which are going to be made about thescientist. The lady in question has been a doctor in physics, astrophysics,quantum physics, experimental physics and has done also cancer research,research on new renewable energy sources, plus is like a female tesla with manyinventions;  Your main work will be to also helpfind publishers and doc makers, to type out a lot of audiotapes about her ideasand inventions, to collaborate with different filmmakers who will be making aseries of documentaries. If you’re handy with social media like LinkedIn oracademic websites, that is a plus and/or if you have some knowledge in patentsand copyrights issues, that is a plus as well. The person is now an elderlylady who is a pensioner and slightly disabled, so you must be able to beflexible in your schedule.  You will be mainly working with her daughterwho is the whole initiator and director of the series of docs, videos forutube, websites ,books etc; We accept both part and fulltimecandidates. It speaks for itself that you also have to have the commonadministrative skills, such as quick typing, scanning, organizing multiplelaptop files. Therefore, we only accept candidates with some serious professionalexperience and familiarity with the world of science / academia. We are open tocandidates who speak different languages, such as English, Dutch, French,German, or Bulgarian.  We only accept candidates with atleast a few  years of experience in working with the film; journalism,scientific or academic environment. Salary to be discussed, depending on yourexperience and availability. This can be a short term or long termassignment; There is a paid try out before you get a long term contract;Send your cvto internationalworkexperience@gmail.comwhat we offer good salary, flexible hrs, accomodation whilst travelling, international network, use of car when doing errands for us , working in 3 countries, so holland south of france and bulgaria;

Date de fin 03/12/2023

Annonceur alexander

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